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Steam Washdown Stations

Steam Washdown Stations

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Steam Washdown Stations are used to mix steam with cold water carefully and thoroughly mix them to provide “instant” hot water on demand. Using the proportional flow water and steam control valves, the operator can adjust the washdown station to deliver the desired hot water temperature as indicated on the dial thermometer located in the mixed water discharge.  By depressing the ergonomically designed fail-safe trigger of the hand-held spray nozzle or the optional spray lance, the operator can direct a steady flow of hot water from a fine spray to a solid jet.

Cleaning food processing machinery or chemical tanks and equipment is not always an easy task. Conventional washdown stations, using old pressure balancing technology that relies on multiple moving parts, are prone to premature failure due to mineral deposits and scaling. The regular maintenance of these units, necessary to keep them running safely, is very time consuming and costly.